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Discreet Deterministic Chaos Foundation, not Mathematics


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Looming Clear & Present Threats & Attacks

“From security risks to environmental and social costs, the possible risks of the rapid growth
of quantum computing must be considered, and governments and industries
must begin the work of devising solutions.”– Forbes

(Source: Getty via Forbes)

“13 Risks That Come
With The Growing Power
Of Quantum Computing”

by Forbes Expert Council

(Source: via HACKADAY)

“EV Chargers
Could Be A Serious
Target For Hackers”


(Source: via

“Vanuatu hospital staff
using pen and paperafter cyber attack
that crippled public sector”

ABC Australia

(Source: via The New Indian Express)

“AIIMS Delhi:
Held to ransom
by cyber attack”

The New Indian Express

(Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge)

“Meta fined $276 million over
Facebook data leak involving more
than 533 million users”

The Verge

(Photo: Oliver Nicolaas Ponder/EyeEm via Getty Images)

“Ransomware gangs
shift tactics, making
crimes harder to track ”

The Seattle Times

(source: Via VentureBeat Image Jasmin Merdan / Getty)

“Cyberattack on L.A. schools
shows bolder action needed
to stop ransomware”


(Source: UpNorth Live

“Why school systems
have become
primetargets for hackers”

Project Baltimore


Threat Horizon 2023:
Four Evolving Threats
That Should Be On Your Radar

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Global Cybersecurity
Market Forecast
From 2019 To 2023

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