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Discreet Deterministic Chaos Foundation, not Mathematics!

ShapeShift ® Timely Arrival

Widely recognized — today’s mathematical asymmetric cryptography foundations are insufficient in a Post Quantum Computing age. Thus, Quantum Computing threatens to devastate today's SSL/TLS methods and the entire Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) industry. Unfortunately, NIST's forthcoming 2024 solutions do not provide deterrence guarantees. Proactive change planning is clearly warranted.

ShapeShift – an amorphous, antifragile, and evolutionary data encryption method with deterministic Chaos at its foundation. ShapeShift™ uses no large number factoring, exponentiation, or modulus operations. This factoring renders Quantum Computing's “superpositioning” strength irrelevant on first principles.

Cyber Security Disasters Statistics:

  • 43% of U.S. companies never reopen after a Cyber Security disaster
  • A total of 72% close within 3 years following a disaster
  • 93% of companies that suffer a significant data loss event are extinct within 5 years
  • 20% of small to medium size businesses suffer a major disaster every 5 years
  • Only 45% percent of U.S. companies actually test their disaster recovery plan


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The Competition Fails Time After Time

The preponderance of evidence makes it clear!  All enterprise incumbents in Cybersecurity need and require the ShapeShift Cipher Add-On Plugin Protection to lock in ultimate protection for the Mathematical foundations of classical security.   Shapeshift Ciphers Cybersecurity is 100% robust enough to protect as a standalone solution, theretofore adding a maximum Firewall to existing security in all cases.

Image & Article from The Hacker News

“Single-Core CPU Cracked
Post-Quantum Encryption Candidate
Algorithm in Just an Hour”

The Hacker News

Image & Article from Quantum Technology News

“Encryption code designed
to prevent quantumcomputer attack
cracked in just 53 hours with a laptop”

Quantum Technology News

(Source: sakkmesterke via The Record)

“High-severity’ vulnerability
found in computers used by
large oil and gas utilities”

by Recorded Future

(Source: via ARS)

“Post-quantum encryption contender
is taken out bysingle-core
PC and 1 hour”

Top Class Actions

(Source: sakkmesterke via Alamy Stock Photo)

“Quantum Cryptography Apocalypse:
A Timeline and
Action Plan”


(Photo Credit: spainter_vfx/Shutterstock via article)

“Davaco data breach
$540K class action

Top Class Actions

(Source: Via Phys.Org article)

“Mathematical theorem
used to crack US government
encryption algorithm”

SecurityWeek – Cybcersecurity News

(Source: Via SandBox AQ article)

for Financial Organizations”


(source: Via SecurityWeek article

“NIST Post-Quantum Algorithm
Finalist Cracked Using
a Classical PC”

SecurityWeek – Cybcersecurity News

(Source: Via IBM article

“Breaking Rainbow
takes a weekend
on a laptop”


ShapeShift Ciphers on YouTube
ShapeShift Ciphers on YouTube
ShapeShift Ciphers on YouTube