ShapeShift Manadala

ShapeShift® Ciphers Integration Features

Discreet Deterministic Chaos Foundation, not Mathematics!

Powerful Alone or As a Robust Add-on Plugin

Powerfull enough as a uniquely novel standalone solution, the ShapeShift™ amorphous data encryption cipher, additionally fortifies existing RSA and PKI operations, immunizing them from Quantum Computing vulnerabilities.   Integration is simple and recommended for existing systems as the ultimate security add-on plugin against Quantum Computing and all future Mathematical Ai threats.

Advantages & Benefits

Light-lift Implementation
Preserves Investments
Fortifies Existing Infrastructure
Preserves Investments
Eliminates Alignment Vulnerabilities
Increased Encryption Strength
PRNG Directed
Unpredictable Operations and Operands
Increased Encryption Strength
Hierarchical Scrambling
Produces Mathematical “Barren Plateaus”
Defeats Machine Learning Attacks
Independent Fragment Encryption
Increased Multi-Core Parallelism
Higher Throughput
Variable-Size Mince Encryption
Increases Unpredictability and Confusion
Increased Encryption Strength
Mince Fractionation
Increases Confusion
Increased Encryption Strength
Mince Shuffling
Increases Confusion
Increased Encryption Strength
Ensemble Encryption Operations
Increases Confusion by unpredictably varying mince encryption methods
Enables Composable Implementations and Increases Confusion
Boolean Encryption Operations
Simple Computations
Increases Performance and provides near perfect encryption
Intermediate Operation Escape Exits
Obscures fragment boundaries ???
Composable Implementations
Strength / Performance Tradeoff
Flexible, Composable Implementations
Sensor to Cloud System Scalability
Obscures fragment boundaries
Increased Encryption Strength
Deterministic Chaos Foundation
No Mathematical Periodicity
Neutralizes Quantum Computing Advantage
Computational Irreducibility
No Operational Shortcuts
Increased Encryption Strength

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ShapeShift Ciphers on YouTube
ShapeShift Ciphers on YouTube
ShapeShift Ciphers on YouTube