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First Prize for the easy hack challenge:
A RaspBerry-Pi Portable
ShapeShift® Ciphers VIP™* Cryptographic Module
Evaluation Unit.
*VIP™: Vastly Improved Privacy (Coined by ShapeShift® Ciphers 2023)
RaspBerry-Pi Portable <br>ShapeShift® Ciphers VIP Cryptographic Module<br>Evaluation Unit
(a $389 USD Value)

Crack the challenge below to receive the ultimate challenge, to win a promotional trial Fully loaded Enterprise Subscription. 

Your Security Officer has been challenged!  😎
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Download the Ultimate Cybersecurity Hack Challenges

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The Cybersecurity Ultimate Hack Challenge is here!  Security “Experts” looking to solve the massive tsunami of attacks from the last several years —growing exponentially— MUST take this Challenge!  Decrypt the easy Challenge to win a RaspBerry-Pi Portable ShapeShift® Ciphers VIP Cryptographic Module Evaluation Unit (a $389 USD Value), and entered among contenders for the Ultimate Challenge. The prize for the ultimate hack challenge is free Full Enterprise Edition trial.

If your NGO, Government, or Corporation's Security Experts can’t hack these, yet remain on high alert, you might need an upgrade in your Security Department!

Send back the hack results to become a contender for the Ultimate Cybersecurity Challenge.

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