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“Classical” Cybersecurity Is a Dying Industry!


What are the threats of quantum computers to cybersecurity?

According to, 2023 ended with around 1,404 Cybersecurity Attack incidents, breaching over 5,951,612,884 (billion) records, with the most significant harm by DarkBeam, at 3.8 billion records stolen in the UK. reported that between March and May 2023, hackers launched an average of 11.5 attacks per minute, including 1.7 new malware instances per minute. In 2022, malware saw a rapid resurrection from a seven-year-low in 2021, now rising to a stunning 2.8 billion attacks.

As Quantum Computing introduces a risk to current encryption technologies, encouraging post-quantum cryptography, ShapeShift® Ciphers ushers in Deterministic Chaos Cybersecurity. The rapid expansion of IoT (the Internet of Things) exponentially identifies cyber-attack pathways and security vulnerabilities. Organizations not adapting to the only new failsafe alternative, ShapeShift® Ciphers' Deterministic Chaos Cybersecurity Shield, face great danger from Quantum Computing, Cryptochain, and AI starting in 2024.

Almost two years after the ShapeShift® Ciphers introduced the "easy hack challenge," not a single ethical hacker or cybersecurity officer has been able to crack the easy entry into our competition for the proper hack test. Not one!

Is the Cybersecurity answer “Deterministic Chaos?”

In 2023, the cybersecurity landscape faces unprecedented challenges, marked by a surge in sophisticated threats and attacks. Traditional mathematical models struggle to keep up with the evolving tactics of cybercriminals, leaving systems vulnerable. ShapeShift Ciphers, LLC offers a cutting-edge non-mathematical Deterministic Chaos solution that is gaining traction as the indispensable answer to these threats. The alarming wave of CISO resignations is a direct result of classical systems' incompetence in addressing these issues. Security leaders are leaving their posts in droves, but this doesn't have to spell disaster for your cybersecurity team. Embracing ShapeShift Ciphers' innovative approach will reverse the trend. Reach out to us at for free trial options, tailored to corporations, NGOs, and government branches seeking effective protection.

In the face of the looming Cyber Apocalypse, a convergence of classical and non-mathematical threats and attacks poses unprecedented challenges. From traditional malware and phishing to sophisticated ransomware and state-sponsored cyber espionage, the digital landscape is rife with peril. To counter this, ShapeShift Ciphers, LLC introduces a groundbreaking solution rooted in Deterministic Chaos. By amalgamating classical cybersecurity methodologies with innovative non-mathematical approaches, ShapeShift's technology heralds the ultimate defense against the impending catastrophic event. This synergy fortifies resilience against ever-evolving threats, offering a potent shield against the chaos that threatens to engulf our interconnected world.

What are the new technologies for cybersecurity?

In the realm of modern Cybersecurity, a paradigm shift is imperative. The prevailing concern centers around the vulnerability posed by Quantum computing and new AI advancements. As classical cryptographic methods face obsolescence, a pivotal strategy emerges: embracing Deterministic Chaos over mathematical periodicity. The deterministic chaos theory introduces unpredictability and complexity, fortifying data against quantum threats. This novel approach offers enhanced encryption, data integrity, and resilience. In safeguarding sensitive information, industries must pivot towards deterministic chaos algorithms, heralding a new era of secure digital communication resistant to the emerging capabilities of Quantum computing and AI technologies.

What is the best solution for cybersecurity?

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the need to evolve cybersecurity strategies has become paramount. With the impending era of quantum computing and the continuous advancements in artificial intelligence, businesses and organizations must fortify their defenses to safeguard sensitive data and systems. Quantum computing's unparalleled processing power poses unprecedented threats, necessitating robust encryption mechanisms and quantum-resistant algorithms. Additionally, the rise of new AI-driven cyber threats demands proactive measures, including advanced anomaly detection and machine learning-based intrusion prevention. Adapting to these challenges is imperative to ensure data integrity, privacy, and operational continuity in the face of emerging cyber risks.

What is the trend in cybersecurity 2023?

Cybersecurity attacks pose significant dangers to the planet, economies, and governments, affecting various aspects of society.

Here are some detailed descriptions of these risks:

  1. Planet:
    • Critical Infrastructure: Many critical infrastructure systems, such as power grids, transportation networks, and water treatment plants, are connected to the internet. Cybersecurity attacks targeting these systems can result in disruption of services, leading to blackouts, transportation disruptions, or environmental hazards.
    • Environmental Control Systems: Cyberattacks on environmental control systems, such as those managing industrial processes or monitoring pollution levels, can have severe consequences. Manipulation or disruption of these systems could cause hazardous leaks, chemical spills, or other environmental disasters.
    • Internet of Things (IoT) Devices: The proliferation of IoT devices has increased the attack surface for cybercriminals. Compromised IoT devices, such as smart home appliances or connected vehicles, can be weaponized to launch large-scale attacks or infiltrate personal data, potentially impacting the environment.
  2. Economies:
    • Financial Sector: Cyberattacks targeting financial institutions can lead to financial losses, theft of sensitive customer data, or disruptions to the global financial system. Such attacks can undermine public trust, affect stock markets, and lead to economic instability.
    • Intellectual Property Theft: Cyber espionage and intellectual property theft pose a significant threat to economies. Advanced persistent threats (APTs) targeting research and development departments, manufacturing facilities, or high-tech industries can result in the loss of valuable trade secrets, innovation, and competitive advantage.
    • Economic Disruption: Ransomware attacks can cripple businesses and halt operations, causing economic disruptions and financial losses. Additionally, supply chain attacks targeting interconnected companies can have cascading effects on the broader economy.
  3. Governments:
    • National Security: Cyberattacks on government agencies and military infrastructure can compromise national security by stealing classified information, disrupting defense systems, or compromising critical military operations.
    • Election Interference: Cyber threats can undermine the democratic process by interfering with elections. Attackers can spread disinformation, manipulate voter data, or disrupt voting systems, eroding public trust and destabilizing governments.
    • Diplomatic Relations: Nation-state cyber espionage and attacks can strain diplomatic relations between countries. The theft of sensitive diplomatic communications or hacking into government systems can lead to increased tensions and diplomatic fallout.

Overall, the dangers of cybersecurity attacks are far-reaching. They can disrupt critical services, harm economies, compromise national security, and erode public trust. It is essential for governments, organizations, and individuals to prioritize cybersecurity measures to mitigate these risks and safeguard the well-being of our planet, economies, and governments.

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